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Apr 14, 2017
I have been a long time lurker on SDN and thought it only fair to give my DAT experience. I am happy my DAT journey has finally come to an end. After three months of studying 7-8 hours a day I am free.. I used the 2017 DAT Destroyer and 2017 Math destroyer, q vault, crack the Dat for reading and PAT.

TS 23

AA 21

Bio (22)- Honestly the DAT Destroyer is golden for this section. I first started bio by looking at the first twenty questions of Destroyer and saw the large array of information within each question. From there I made sure to learn each topic within the question. I filled in the gaps with Bozeman Science Khan, Academy and my good old textbook. Go through everything at least once.

Gen Chem (24) and Orgo (22)- For the Chems I did a lot of the same I looked at the type of topics the destroyer had and watched videos and looked at my textbook. I reviewed these sections three times in the Destroyer

PAT (18)- I was practicing off Crack the DAT and watching their tutorials.

Reading (18)- Also took like a few tests using Crack the DAT reading was scoring in the 18-21 range. Scores varied on each test.

QR (19)- Math Destroyer! Do all the tests, by doing all the texts you’re exposing yourself to a different array of problems. My QR score isn’t that super high, but without the effort it could have been much lower. Also do the QC problems orgoman 22 posted on SDN

Overall, can't believe it’s over

Hope I helped some of you guys out.

Let me know what you guys think of the scores.


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May 20, 2014
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I think your scores are great! They should definitely garner you some interview invites assuming the rest of your application package is in order. Good luck!
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