DAT Breakdown 6/26/14

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Jun 25, 2014
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Organic Chem: 20
Bio: 19
General Chem: 19

Math: 17
Reading Comp: 16
PAT: 15

I'm disappointed with the last three scores. I knew all the Math but just ran out of time so I had to guess on the last few. Same situation with Reading, it was time. PAT was a killer, it was immensely hard.

I focused more on the sciences which Is why I scored better on those sections. I didn't devote enough time for PAT. I always made time in my schedule to study for it but I always ended up skipping since the study of the sciences took up do much time. I took my premedical courses 7-8 years ago so had to relearn everything. I was especially weak with areas involving taxonomy, plants, and ecology of the biology section.

However, i know I could have done much better in biology. I got a 19 without even touching any bio material for two weeks prior to the exam.

I did all of DAT destroyer. From what I've read on the forums you must do it twice in order to score above the 20s. I only did it once. I wish I had the time to do it twice. It takes forever but it is worth it.

I also completed all of chads videos and quizzes, it was immensely helpful. And cliffnotes for bio. I also watched YouTube videos for bio, it helped me with basics.

Should I retake for this application cycle? I think I have potential of doing much better if I do the DAT destroyer again and review all of my notes twice more. As well as take more timed PAT practice exams.

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I think you need to retake with a 15 on the PAT and 16 in RC regardless of your GPA. But great job in getting 19's and 20's in sciences after not taking any science courses in 7-8 years. At least you know you got the sciences down. A little more practice and you will do great. I think you should devote 50% of the time in sciences and 50% in PAT, RC and QR. Goodluck!