Dat breakdown (7/10/10)

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Dec 21, 2009
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BIO- 21 (92%)
GC- 22 (92%)
OC- 23 (94%)
RC- 24 (24%)
QR- 17 (75%)
PAT-20 (79%)
TS- 22 (95%)
AA- 21 (93.5%)

My RECENT practice test results:
Topscore 3- AA was 19
Topscore 2- AA was 19
Achiever 5- AA was 15
Achiever 3- AA was 16

FIRST AND FOREMOST, DAT ACHIEVER IS TERRIBLE. DON'T LET IT SHATTER YOUR CONFIDENCE. I got around 16's on all my sections from Achiever test 4 and 5. That program and they way its set up with their centralized data base should be the number one name in DAT prep material. All you have to do is not make your tests suicidal. I really liked their PAT section and the computer program that rotates the aperture and TFE etc

BIO- the actual questions were not overly difficult. Id put it on par with Topscore. Seems like 20 percent of my test was genetics, HWE, 20% classification.

GC- this section is key in my opinion due to the time constraint it can take. I spent probably 70 minutes in this section, mostly due to two problems I got stuck on. Don't let that happen! I left myself only 20 minutes for OCHEM. The GC was really straight forward, there were a few calculations however that were a major pain in the butt.

OC- I recently scored in the 99th percentile on the ACS ochem test and thought I was going to breeze my way to a 26+ on this section, I was really disappointed I didn't leave enough time for this section or im sure I would have. SN1 SN2 E1 E2, Nuc addition substitution EAS NAS etc are the key in this section. Know IUPAC naming for sure also. Reactive intermediates!! I had a few on those I wasn't ready for.

PAT- I was shocked with how similar the format is to CDP, I mean the screen looks the exact same in most cases. I had the weirdest cube question though where it was impossible to tell if there was a cube or not. I thought the Keyhole questions were really difficult. I had no problem getting 15/15 on all my CDP keyhole questions. Angles were comparable to CDP. Hole punches a little easier than CDP, everything else right on par with CDP.

RC- this section is key #2! Think about how the scores are computed, the avg of bio gc oc math and reading.. how hard is it to read a passage and answer questions? The concept is so trivial so people don't take it seriously but it can make or break your score! The passages were so easy, way easier than achiever and easier than topscore. I just simply read the passage then went through question by question. I did however run out of time and guessed on the last 3 questions.

MATH- this section literally had me in tears a few times the past few weeks when I couldn't even do 3 problems on a CDM test. Just go through and answer all the gimmies and you'll get a 17.. haha good enough for me. Don't stress too much about it but it does help to practice what you aren't good at.



  • THINKWELL SERIES- I think my very first post on SDN was inquiring about the Thinkwell series, I got my hands on all of those and they came in pretty handy here is a few sample videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSILNKbhNLg) if you can score the whole set I found them useful. You can just watch the videos on the things you struggle with

  • CAMPBELL'S BIO- the best book you can get for the bio section. This book is amazing, the pictures are helpful its nicely written. But use all that is has to offer, every chapter has its end of chapter quizzes online etc, use those!

  • These powerpoint slides are awesome

  • CLIFF's AP Bio- really good book to get started with

  • KAPLAN blue book is good too

  • BIO destroyer was pretty good

  • Crack dat science is a complete waste of time

  • KAPLAN bio subject TESTS- do these

  • Go through all the Kaplan flashcards

  • i really enjoyed the AUDIO OSMOSIS cd's they were really good to listen to in the car or as you fall asleep! id recommend doing that


  • CHADS videos are good. They are a little over rated but Id say worth the price. A really good place to start.

  • Kaplan blue book- just cover the basic stuff you need to know

  • GEN CHEM ACS- not a bad idea if you really want to rape this section is going through all of the questions in this.

  • DESTROYER- I didn't finish it but I would recommend it

  • KAPLAN SUBJECT GCHEM TESTS- a little over kill

  • PETERSON'S AP CHEM!!! i love this book!! love it, get this


  • Chads videos again are a good place to start. Like gen chem they are really good but just not that good, Id call it a good place to start

  • ACS ochem- a really good book to go through problems are really similar to something like this

  • DESTROYER- I didn't finish it but id recommend it
  • KAPLAN OCHEM SUBJECT TESTS- really easy make sure you can breeze through these


  • I did 7 Crack Dat reading tests, I was usually right around 18, I got 24 on the real DAT so looks like they really helped Id recommend doing those. Its so hard to practice for this because you cant really simulate the pressure you feel when you are in the testing center and that clock is ticking but if you can mentally put yourself there and practice for this section it may be your saving grace.


  • id really just recommend getting some pre algebra book for dummies or something and starting there and doing those problems and work your way up to algebra then trig etc.

  • Math destroyer is really good if you can actually do any of the problems

  • Crack Dat Math is a waste.

  • i didnt have time for the math destroyer 10 tests looked like a really good place to practice if you have time to learn that stuff. Im sure there are a lot of good math things to go after I just didn't use them so I don't have an opinion


  • Get crack dat pat if you want to do well

  • as much as i hate Achiever their PAT section is actually amazing due to that computer program that comes with it for the explanations. I wish i would have spent more time on those.

Any questions just ask

let me know if you have any questions!
good luck, you can do this! i am no smarter than you! study smarter not harder!


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Jul 31, 2007
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for GC did you just get stuck on the calculations? how were they compared to chads videos?


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Dec 21, 2009
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there were just a few questions were i had to do some calculations, they werent too bad i just hadnt practiced doing the actual math. most of it was just setting it up
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