DAT Breakdown 7/25/22 (25 AA)

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Jul 26, 2022
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Hello everybody! I just took my DAT yesterday and am very excited to post my breakdown and everything I used to study before my test!


Bio -23

General Chemistry - 22

Organic Chemistry - 24

PAT - 22

Reading Comprehension - 25

QR - 30

TS - 23

AA - 25

Materials used:

  1. Bootcamp
  2. Booster
  3. Anki

I used Bootcamp for the learning phase. I followed Ari’s schedule (the previous 62-day schedule) completely. I completed tests 1-5 as section tests and 6-10 as full-length tests. Once I finished the schedule I moved on to Booster for extra practice tests. In the end, I did practice tests 1-3 as section tests and 5-10 as full-length practice tests. I would take between 1-3 section tests on my review days to finish tests 1-3. I did not do all of 4, only the biology section! So in total, I studied for about 2.5 months.


I did all of the Bootcamp videos and bites. I also made a study guide on my iPad of topics specific to me that I needed to focus on. I also started an anki deck I found on a Facebook group a month before my test. I would do 200 new cards and 200 reviews a day. I did this until the week before my test when I had seen every card once then I reviewed 300 cards a day. Booster has great decks and explanations on anki about how to do one subject at a time! Overall, take practice tests and review your weaknesses! I saw some of the questions on my real DAT verbatim on Booster!

General chemistry:

I was worried about this section since I hadn’t taken it in a year and it was virtual. I did all the practice desks on BC multiple times and made a comprehensive study guide I reviewed daily. I also used the BC formula sheet. Overall, the calculations weren’t as bad as I was expecting!

Organic chemistry:

This was the subject I was both confident and concerned about. I just took organic chemistry last semester so it was fresh! I thought the organic chemistry reaction summary by BC was fantastic. Still, I saw some problems that I was stumped on! I also made a comprehensive study guide that really helped me!


I thought this subject was very comparable to BC and booster. It was very straightforward and about the same difficulty as both programs. This is something you need to study every day. After a while of practicing you will know your strengths and weaknesses! Booster has an analyzing feature that can help you realize your weakness and work on them exclusively. Booster also does a great job of getting you over-prepared on sections like keyhole and TFE. Really focus on your weaknesses!

Reading comprehension:

I had 99% factual questions. My first and last articles were very easy. My middle article was somewhat difficult and is where I spent most of my time. I think reading comprehension was most comparable to BC. Booster seemed a lot more difficult in RC to me.

Quantitative reasoning:

I started out making 20s on this and somehow ended up making a 30! I always have enjoyed math and have been good at it. The DAT math is mostly learning how they ask questions and how to go about it. I made a study guide that I looked over during my break - certain formulas and other things I wanted to review.

In conclusion (sorry for the long post) both BC and Booster are great programs both are very beneficial and have their own strengths! Booster is amazing for biology, and I attribute my high score to completing all their practice tests as extra material. Anki is also a great resource; I wish I had started it earlier than I did.

I highly suggest doing both programs just for the extra practice tests if you can.

If you have any questions please leave a comment; I am more than happy to answer any question! I have always loved reading these breakdowns and want to help others!

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