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Aug 2, 2016
Long time lurker like many on SDN. I've been looking a breakdowns on those tough days leading up to the test for reassurance. Being a non-traditional student and a non-science major I especially wanted to post for those who may be in the same boat. Here are my scores by section and my insight on practice materials and how they equated to the real deal.
Bio- 17.
I was most worried about this section given that I've only taken 3 bio classes. I thought dat destroyer was really great and wish I had gone over it more than once. When I started studying I knew I had to put the most work into this section. I felt this section was the most difficult on the real test.
Gen. Chem-19.
I honestly thought I was going to see a higher score on the sheet given the questions seemed very strait forward. I did equal parts Chad, Destroyer, and Bootcamp for this section. Along with Bio I put a TON of time into GC. I had taken GC 1 and 2 as accelerated courses and found I had to relearn a lot for the DAT. Chad is great in regards to that.
DAT Destroyer all the way. Go through it 2-3 times and get really familiar with the road maps. This was my strongest subject going in and destroyer reinforced the few weaknesses I had.
PAT-18. I really thought I did better than the score reflects. I really struggled with this in my studying and Bootcamp proved to be the best resource. Hole punched were harder on the test, cubes were easier and the rest were on par with Bootcamp. Given where I started, I am actually not too upset about the 18.
Bootcamp passages are great prep for this section. I found my scores correlated exactly to the real test. Felt very in control while taking this section on the real test.
QR- 21. Could not be happier with this score. One of my weak points as a student and put a lot of work into this section. I have to give a big thanks to Dr. Romano and Nancy @orgoman22 Destroyer, but the difficulty of problems is more in line with the QR section of DAT destroyer.

Overall I'm a little worried about my Bio score, but I am proud of my QR score. I know a lot of people say it doesn't matter as much, but I have seen very few people with 20+ in the QR section. I hope all of you taking your test in the future the very best. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them here.
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