Sep 9, 2019
All Praise is due to God. My success came from him and him alone.

Here is my break down.
It is a been a long journey. Never thought I would be here posting my DAT but alas here I am.

Shoutout to @Shahed B for a beautiful DATbooster program, it was amazing and worth every penny.
Shoutout to @orgoman22 for keep me in calm and not losing my mind when I was panicking lol and of course his beloved destroyer books.
Shoutout to @Chad and coursesaver for their also amazing program and quizzes afterwards
Shoutout to @Dr.CinnamonRoll, @FeralisExtremum , and everyone else in case I didn't mention you. Especially Cinnamon, Dude was literally spoon feeding me the whole time :D LOL

First thing I would say is AP BIO cliff, is a waste. Burn that book.

Destroyer 2019 I used, is a great stepping stone for BIO, GC, OC, and QR. Especially the sciences! Then CHAD quizzes and notes.

First thing first. I watched Chad's notes on Coursesaver, then wrote the notes and took the quizzes. This a great step to learn the material or relearn. Then apply it after doing Destroyer book. Chad also has great math quizzes and notes.

I then after rising destroyer a few times, then really thoroughly rinsed Chads's quizzes over and over again. Until I had all the material down.

Afterwards I then used DATbooster to test my knowledge because it is better in terms of price. DATBootcamp is very high priced and rip off in my opinion. Datbooster gives you a true range , and yes it is very difficult but it prepared me really hard and got me that high score.

Close to a week out, because DATbootcamp is good at predicting scores, I took their one free exam which was encouraging.

I then finished through all science exams on Booster except the QR which was too discouraging. His PAT was also good. The only thing about PATbooster is the angles need to be harder. The REAL DAT angles are harder! Keyholes are nothing like the generators.

Also forgot to mention, MATHDestroyer?! You better buy that book!! Worth every literal cent. That book is a gift! I used all the exams . Very helpful! Even though it was harder, it helps your timing! WHICH IS KEY!!!!

Overall, It was truly hard but worth the journey.

Below are my scores:

PAT: 18, QR: 21, RC: 21, Bio: 20, GC: 24, OC: 30, TS: 23, AA: 23.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask or PM, It is the LEAST I can do.
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Mar 12, 2005
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:claps:Congratulations! Your hard work paid off and thank you for the shout out! And glad you found the Destroyers helpful, the Math Destroyer is a gem IMO.

Wishing you the best...Nancy, co/owner, Orgoman, DAT Destroyer
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Mr. CinnamonRoll
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May 2, 2017
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Great job man, and thanks for the shoutout!

You worked hard for those scores, so take some time and celebrate. :thumbup:
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Shahed B

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Sep 14, 2016
Wonderful! Glad we could be a part of your success. Time to set new goals!
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