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May 5, 2017
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Took my DAT today and here are my scores! I'm relieved to be done, however I am unsure how to feel just yet.

I am content with an AA of 20, but am disappointed in my bio and QR.

-GPA: 3.93 sGPA: (unsure of exact but its roughly 3.9)

-DAT destroyer

***Note: my biggest regrets
-not going through more destroyer questions. I did about 100 GC, 20 OC, 50 bio, 70 QR. This was due to time constraints since I had planned on rescheduling my test date but was unable
-not going through the bootcamp bio tests more thoroughly and memorizing because almost everything from my Bio section was on Bootcamp.

I highly recommend bootcamp for PAT academy and the full length tests. I felt like I was just taking another bootcamp test during my actual DAT this morning. Mike's videos were thorough and DAT-focused which was huge, but had I done my part in reviewing questions on these sections I think my scores would have better reflected how great Mike's vids are at prep for OC and GC.

Advice about test day:
1. don't freak out if you get a reading section filled with content you've never been exposed to, the answers are still easily found.
2. Keyholes did not only consider the "shadow" or overall shape of the object from each direction. Some of my keyholes were perfectly consistent with that, however some actually took into account multiple layers that would not be seen in the "shadow".

Thoughts/comments on wether or not I will be a competitive applicant or if I should consider a retake are welcome, thanks! (Not applying until next summer)

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Pearl E. White

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May 20, 2014
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I think you're good! Your GPA is great and your scores are consistent. Great work! Best of luck to you.
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