Apr 21, 2017
  1. Pre-Dental
I owe my scores entirely to the DAT Destroyer. After reading and re-reading the destroyer with painstaking and meticulous attention to detail, I can honestly say that it is the best form of prep for this exam. The amount of information condensed into this one book is incredible. For bio, be sure to commit EVERY word to memory and thoroughly understand the answers in the back. The organic section of my exam was manageable because of the roadmaps and the sheer amount of practice in the destroyer. Gen Chem was pretty straightforward with the exception of a few conceptual questions. Overall, I'm happy with my scores and won't forget the role that this book played in that!!
PAT 19
QR 20
RC 19
BIO 22
GC 21
TS 22
AA 21

P.S. A word of advice to those who have two weeks or so left before their exams: DO A LITTLE OF EVERY SUBJECT EVERY DAY, namely in the order of the exam. For instance, in the mornings i would do bio for 2.5 hours, g chem 2.5 hours, orgo 2.5 hours, a practice PAT exam- break- reading & math.. This, in conjunction with the destroyer will foster consistent scores.
Good luck on your exams everybody!!!
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Mar 12, 2005
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As said before, there were lots of posts praising only the Destroyer. It is an excellent source, I agree. I am also not saying you or anyone affiliated with the DAT Destroyer team are posting these threads, just that it is kind of weird that these two posts were posted and the people posting them haven't really used SDN much and they also didn't post proof of their scores. Just found it weird. No offense to you or to anyone in your team. You guys are amazingly helpful and have created an invaluable resource.
Our classroom just finished, we had 200 students studying this summer with Dr. Romano. Perhaps some joined SDN, I have no idea.. But we do not use BC or any other companies resources in our classroom setting. No one is upset when students mention they did not use Destroyer and I always congratulate students regardless of how they prepare.
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