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Sep 26, 2015
My DAT is in a week and I can't get through the Gen Chem Destroyer section for the life of me. I thought I was doing so well in Gen Chem, but this is just SO hard. What am I doing wrong? It's giving me severe anxiety.


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Aug 7, 2015
I felt like I had anxiety when I did it a month and a half before exam. People say it's much harder than real DAT. What helped me was
1. Don't time it! Just try to work 20-30 problems at a time.
2. Really read the Destroyer explanations and try to understand.
3 (MOST IMPORTANT) Go watch Chad's videos (or Khan Academy if you don't have Chad's)
4. Then redo the problems from Destroyer

When I was going through Destroyer I thought it was wayyyyy too hard and I was wondering how even this was related to the material for the DAT. I was very very very very very surprised that Destroyer actually incorporates easy material from Chad's and makes you think about it. It will help you understand questions/concepts better. If Destryer is super super hard...I'd maybe say use a calculator (especially if you're know you're proficient enough to do calculations with scientific notation)

Again I stress going over theory is vital....it helped me understand gen chem like never before. Don't get discouraged. Be happy that you're missing all destroyer questions...so that you get to learn how to do all of them (YES make sure you know how to do every single one of them) and you will know how do them on the tests day (and they will probably seem easier compared to Destroyer)


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Dec 8, 2014
If you're having trouble with doing the calculations without a calculator, don't worry. The numbers on the real test don't require calculations for the most part. If you're having trouble with the concepts, go through Chad's videos or Khan academy again and then come back to Destroyer and practice, practice, practice!
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