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Mar 2, 2009
Score Percentile
PAT: 20 85.4
QR: 17 65.7
RC: 20 72.4
Bio: 20 86.9
GC: 19 73.0
OC: 22 91.5
TS: 20 86.2
AA: 20 87.1

I studied for 2.5 months and I am so glad to be done! I shut myself off from the world and feel like I have just come out of solitary confinement in prison. I went out last night and it felt real weird. I kept feeling like I had to study or something haha. I forgot how to have fun.

Bio: I used Kaplan BB, Cliffs AP, Kaplan flashcards, Destroyer, and my own notes that I made as I went along (this was the most helpful). I took notes on everything, especially problems I missed in Destoryer. I had no plant questions and only one simple taxonomy question whch made me really mad because I obsessed on these topics in the last week. Everything was pretty fair and nothing too random which suprised me. Cliffs is the best resource.

GC: Kaplan BB, MCAT Examcrackers Chemistry, and Destroyer. Destroyer was way overkill and Kaplan BB is all you need. This section is where I messed up. I got caught up on some nitty gritty calculation problems and lost track of time and freaked out and moved on to OC before finishing GC. It was 50:50 calculations/conceptual. I could have done better in this section if I didn't get caught up on a couple of questions and just marked and moved on. My biggest problem is always timing, always has been. I guessed on like 5-6.

OC: Kaplan BB, MCAT Examcrackers OC, Destroyer, and Organic Chemistry as a Second Language (great book for basics). Once again, Destroyer was overkill. Kaplan Blue Book is sufficient along with Destroyer Road Maps. I could have done better here also. I ran out of time here too because I had to go back to GC to finish some of the problems I skipped. So I literally guessed on last three and wizzed through the last 10 without much thought.

PAT: Like everyone else says, Crack was the best tool for this section. I felt that Keyholes were a little trickier as you had to take into account the size scales more often than the shapes. Everything else was on par. There was one weird fold that I had never seen before and didn't make sense in hole punches.

QR: Time was a big factor here. I immediately went to the last question and worked my way backwards. I had a theory that they count on people running out of time and put easy quick questions towards the end. Not really the case. A lot of word problems! Just skipped them and moved on. During the tutorial I wrote a lot of math formulas down that I could remember (along with squares for the hole punch section).

RC: I used the mapping method and it always seemed to work well on my practice tests. I got passages on calcium, DNA microarrays, and the brain and language. Search and destroy always stressed me out too much. I just used both sheets and numbered 1-17 for example, and went through quickly, writing down all keywords that I saw in each paragraph. The questions were easy to answer when I saw a keyword that matched. If I didn't have the keyword written down I would write it in the bottom margin and move on. I would eventually come upon it later. I probably guessed on like 8 questions total because there were some weird questions I never saw before.

All and all, I am pretty satisfied with my score, seeing that I guessed on many problems because of time management. I have a 3.84/3.79 overall/science GPA and applied to Florida (florida resident), Nova, ivies, and some other private schools. I am guessing ivies are out of the question now? I hope Florida is reasonable. I am not looking for a pat on the back, just honest feedback on Florida/ivy chances.

This site has been awesome and I hope my breakdown has been helpful like others have been for me.

I'm Done!!!
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Aug 17, 2008
good job, now you can enjoy the rest of the summer!
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