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Jul 13, 2009
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I've been a silent reader for quite some time and just would like to thank SDN for helping me through my DATs.

My Scores

PA - 20
QR - 20
RC - 23
Bio - 19
GC - 22
OC - 30
TS - 22
AA - 23

Overall GPA - 3.93

PA - I used CDP for this section. I only did three out of the five test two days before the test though. I thought that the actual DAT was easier than CDP. The aperture, tfe, angles, and folding were comparable to the real thing. The hole punching and cube counting were harder for me on CDP than the real thing.

QR - I used Kaplan's blue book for this section and it was somewhat helpful for me. I felt that i was going to do worse than a 20 when i was taking it though since i really didn't know or have time to correctly do the problems. I would suggest doing a lot of practice problems for QR. I should have practiced more on QR.

RC - i got lucky on RC and got two passages on things i had recently learned in classes i took. This was my worst section going into it since i only put 2-3 hours into practicing this section. i got lucky and ended up with a 23. I used search and destroy mostly.

Bio - There was a lot of random questions i wasn't sure about. THis was the section that i studied the most for but i did the worst in. I used Kaplan's BB and Cliff's AP Bio. THese two books provide a good deal of information that you'll most likely see on the DAT. However, i guess not the stuff i needed.

GC - THe one source that helped me the most was the videos by a guy named Chad. I learn best when someone else teaches me so those videos helped me a lot. The videos were from a website called coursesaver. i also used the Kaplan BB for this section which helped a lot. I didn't get alot of calculations on GC.

OC -THis was my favorite subject so i guess thats why i got a 30. I used Kaplan's BB for this part. THere were a few questions on reactions and the rest were conceptual. A couple NMR and i got one on IR.

I also bought Topscore but didn't use it that much except for questions for biology and organic chemistry since the program crapped on me the week before the test. I didn't think i would do this well on the test since i was averaging between 16-20 on every section on practice tests. That means that people should not give up hope if they're not doing that well on practice tests. Well, good luck with everybody else on their DATs:)
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Apr 8, 2008
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I watched those same videos by Chad for gen chem. He saved me on that section. That was definitely my worst section going in but he picked me up big time. A big time commitment but well worth it!

Where can I get this vids for general chem, I just saw some for organic but cant find the gen chem vids if someone can pm the link I would appreciate it tons
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