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DAT done 7/14/09


New Member
5+ Year Member
May 13, 2009
  1. Pre-Dental
hi, i took DAT today and i think i got OK scores....
here are my scores...

PAT 25 99.8%
QR 29 99.6
RC 17 25.7:thumbup::thumbup:
Bio 20 85.5
Chem 21 86.2
Orgo 22 89.8
TS 21 91.3
AA 22 95.4

PAT: just Topscore practice test...my brother took Kaplan class and taught me how to solve these....
QR: just practice test....haha;; expected about 25 but i think im lucky..;; i usually had extra 15 min when i was taking topscore...but the actual test has a lot of word problems...i couldnt solve the last question and maybe that is my 1 wrong question.
RC: i was so worried about this section. i heard most DS has curoff (17) and just wanted this score haha; English is my second language (came to US 4 yrs ago). search and destroy worked for 17;;; it was not piano or frap.
bio: kaplan WB then cliff....then solved destroyer. kaplan is good for basic concepts and i think cliff is must. destroyer didnt help me that much. random questions but more than half were not hard...i had 1 strange picture that i have never seen in my life...haha 20 is not a bad score for me.
chem: i expected much better score on this section....i missed 2 problems just because i didnt memorize the names of the elements on the periodic table. i studied kaplan then destroyer...i think kaplan is good enough for my score and destroyer is overkilling....but overkilling is better and it is good to apply your knowledge to the questions....
Orgo: expected at least 25 but i had some concept questions that iv never seen before....:( kaplan is enough and destroyer is also helpful.

so, i have to ask this question; what are my chances? my GPA is 3.95 and sGPA is 3.93. with the DAT score it looks pretty good. but i will also have some disadvantages. i am an international student so just applying to parivate schools. and i took all the prerequ in CC. i have 80 shadowing hours and 15 volunteering;;. im applying to 10 private schools
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Full Member
Jun 14, 2009
  1. Pre-Dental
Awesome QR and a great result all around. Congrats! As for your CC units, not much you can do about it now. Just check with each school. I seem to remember a listing of each school and what max number of CC units they will accept, so you may need to apply selectively. I'll look it up, but I'm sure someone on SDN will pop it up soon enough. Good Luck and Congrats again.

Here it is: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=527335&highlight=CC+units
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