DAT Done! 7/15/09

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Mar 1, 2009
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Thanks to all those that help me on here! Here's my score:
PAT: 23
BIO: 18
RC: 20
QR: 16:mad:


So, I'm super happy about my ochem score, not so much about my QR, I'll go through that in my breakdown.

PAT: I was scoring 19s, 20s, 21s, and a 22 on Crack PAT. I am happy that I got higher on the actual DAT. Yes, Crack PAT is a MUST! Very similar to the actual test.

Bio: Yeah, like everyone else says, random as hell. I'd say, about 90% of the stuff I studied wasn't on there. It's more general I suppose in a sense. You just have to have a broad knowledge about it. Used Cambell's bio book and Cliff's AP bio

GChem: Yes, destroyer is overkill. Wished it had more concepts too. Calculations were pretty straightforward, don't have to really calculate anything out. I used my gchem text book for most of my studying.

OChem: WOoOO~! Destoryer is overkill again. I used my textbook, which I thought was awesome it's Organic Chemistry by Janice Gorzynski Smith. Another thing that I thought was a HUGE help to me in this section is that I am an Ochem tutor for my college. So going to the lectures over again and relearning the material really helped alot. There was this one question that really stumped me though, seemed like all of them were correct :/

RC: Search and destroy. There was one article were it was more inference type. But the other two was search and destroy all the way. No piano or FRAP. I almost ran outta time on this.

QR: LAME! I got all the hard word problems in the beginning. I had no clue that near the end the problems were so freaking easy! I ran outta time with like 10 questions or some left. So I just guess on all of them, and when I was guessing on them with 1 minute left, it really hurt to see how easy some were that I just didn't get to!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: If I known, I would have gone back and done those first. I could've got like a 20. I'm pissed about this.

Anyway, I'm happy to get it over with, 1st time. I'm still a bit concerned about my QR score though.

oh, and practice test scores, since I don't have my other comp with me, I can only recall the scores from memory:

Topscore 1
ochem: 17
PAT: 19

Topscore 2
gchem: 18
ochem: 20
PAT: 20
RC: 21
QR: 18

Topscore 3
Bio 17
gchem: 17
ochem: 18
PAT: 21
RC: 20
QR: 18

DAT Achiever:
Bio: 18
gchem: 17
ochem: 18
RC: 20
QR: 18
Yes, I skipped the PAT

DAT Achiever 2
Bio: 16
gchem: 19
ochem: 18
RC: 21
QR: 20
Skipped the PAT again.

I had those lame ass laminated paper too with markers that sucked. Also had headphones, kinda uncomfortable because it felt like they were sucking out the pressure in my ears, lol. But yeah, I'm happy to get it over with, such a relief. Wouldn't wanna go through this again.

Oh, and studying wise, I didn't start really studying until July 12th, which is like a good month of studying. I would try to study the whole day, but not like12 hours a day, maybe around 6-8 hours. But over the school year, I did try putting in some time, maybe like two hours a week starting from January(which I know isn't a lot, but I had so much going on in school that it was impossible to get any real DAT studying done).

Oh, and I went through destroyer once. Ran outta time, and plus, it was like torture going through that thing. Not sure if destroyer is a must though.

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You score looks descent! Congratulation~ now time to relax and wait for FF13 release date :)

I will be with you shortly after mine is done on August 1st :D
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Nice scores, thats almost exactly what happened to me in QR. I guessed on like the last 8 with a minute left. It sucked, at that point I was like oh my gosh im going to have to re-take! My QR was the same, hopefully it wont hold us back!