Dat done! 7/17

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May 10, 2012
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Just got back from Prometric and sooooo glad to finally be done! I've never stressed anything more in my life, but I promise it's all worth it in the end once you see your scores and know you did it!
My scores:
PAT: 18
QR: 18
RC: 19
BIO: 22 :)
GC: 20
OC: 19
TS: 20
AA: 20

First off, let me start by saying that I'm a chemistry major and never in a million years did I expect to do better in bio than any other subject. It's definitely the subject I stressed the most, so maybe that's why I got the score I did. All you need for this subject is destroyer, there were a dozen questions straight from the destroyer, I was actually surprised by the large amount. I think if you know this book, inside and out, you will be more than fine. I also recommend you purchase DAT QVault for bio, I was also saved on a question just by remembering the explanations given on one of the tests.
Genchem was not too bad, but there were a few tricky questions that really threw me off guard. I wish I could have done better, but what can you do? I did the destroyer 3x, and felt very prepared for the test. Also know your notes, and do lots of practice problems. I think practice is key towards allowing your brain to think in the tricky manner some of the DAT questions are styled; the destroyer does a good job at this.
I used the destroyer, and some class notes I had from school. There were very few synthesis problems, and more conceptual based problems. I made a bunch of note cards with all the reactions, but sadly I only had 2 questions. Also, I had two C 13 questions, and one lab question. Destroyer also saved me here, I had one question that was almost identical to #58 in orgo section of destroyer.
I used crack the pat for this and I think it's a perfect representation of the real thing. The key holes were a little tricky, as well as the TFE. The angles were easier, as well as the pattern folding. One tip for pattern folding I use is to try to find a distinguishing side of the unfolded pattern and match it to the answer choice. Like, if the unfolded one has 3 triangles, then the folded pattern must have 3 triangles too. I was able to eliminate a lot of choices just using this. Hole punching was also very basic, but I had one fold that I never saw before and had no idea. But overall, CDP is great, and if you are doing well on CDP, then you will be perfect for the test.
This section was hard, but I was able to manage. A lot of questions were worded like "this statement is true, but the reason is false," "the reason is false but the statement is true." More tone-style questions, than pure search and destroy. But overall it was doable, and similar to topscore.
Know math destroyer! All you need! I didn't expect to see so many exact questions on my test! I was stressing this section a lot, but if you're doing well in the math destroyer than it will feel easy when you're taking the test. Very relieved of my score on this section considering I suck at math lol.
Overall, I think to prepare for this test, you should do a lot of practice problems and learn from your mistakes. Don't be discouraged, just keep on learning and try not to make the same mistake twice. If I can do it, so can you! Practice with the destroyer, cdp and topscore, and you will be fine!
So relieved to finally be done!!! :love: Good luck to everyone taking it soon!

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Thank you!!!! I worked hard on this section, continuously doing the cdp practice tests over and over so I dont really have all my scores laid out evenly from test 1 to 10. But I started off with a 17, then did the first 5 tests and was scoring conistantly at 18. I then did the remaining 5 tests once I broke a 20. I recommend doing this too so you can learn and develop your own tricks and methods for each section. Like for hole punch, you start to remember the symmetry of certain folds and its super easy!
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Congrats Srose2013! You killed it! So you would say Destroyer is the most important thing right, for the sciences at least?
Destroyer is 100% all you need. I felt very prepared for the sciences after doing the destroyer 2-3x, its a must, for sure!
Also remember to read the back of each bio question! I made tons and tons of index cards based on those facts alone. Felt very confident for the bio section after doing so : )
Congratulations!!! doesn't it feel nice to be done with DAT....

for bio I highly recommend Cliff's AP book you need to know every tiny bit of information in this book...
So do you, guys, think 18 in Perceptual Ability is good enough. I took my DAT today and my scores are similar to SRose2013. What is the cutoff for PA?