DAT Done 8/22- Chances for UOP?

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Jul 20, 2009
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aight just took it- mixed feelings right now. did well on sciences but effed up on everything else- especially math. here it goes:

PA 19 75.2
QR 16 50.9
RC 19 53.3
BIO 23 97.6
GC 21 86.2
OC 22 89.8
TS 22 95.3
AA 20 84.0

overall wasn't really too bad. test was easier than most practice tests (topscore and kaplan)

Bio: used cliff's, destroyer, started out with kaplan- cliff's is money for this. that, and being a bio major and taking 16 upper division science units in your last semester i guess helped out too TS- 20,21, 22

GC- destroyer and kaplan- i think kaplan's sufficient TS- 19,19,20

OC- destroyer roadmaps and kaplan- TS- 23,20,23

PA- damn used cdp got 22-25. let's see. real dat- harder in keyholes(size not just shape), pattern folding, about the same angles, easier cube counting and hole punches. i really wasn't expecting this low score. keyholes took me longer than my normal time on cdp.

RC- thought i would do better on this too. first passage i tried to read everything first then switched methods on 2nd and 3rd to search and destroy- shoulda did that for the first one as well. TS- 20,19,21

QR- i just read the previous two posts too and they effed up as well. sheez. actually felt confident about this too- had cdm been getting 20-22.... word problems. nuff sed.

man, i shoulda accepted UOP's 6 year accelerated program out of high school, but oh well. anyways my total GPA's 3.3, science 3.0. i'm riding on my last semester full of upper div bio and getting a 3.7gpa to make somewhat of an impact. got 80 hours volunteering. about 50 shadowing. applied to UOP, UCSF, ASDOH, Loma Linda, and Western.

so tell me please, what do you think? UOP's my number one choice. are my QR, PA, and RC scores good enough? should I retake just because of those scores, and my chances at the other schools (except UCSF just applied there cuz its in the bay) ?

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Good score!
i wouldnt worry about ur reading or pat.
The qr im not sure... does the school ur looking at have a cutoff?
otherwise i know its the least important so if they dont have a cut off then dont sweat it so much.
as for gpa and things im in the same boat as you. =)
good luck to you!
You did a pretty good job, though I second the suggestion that you contact UOP and ask about whether they have a QR cut-off. and post the answer here; let us know how you're doing.
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A: Our incoming class averages are:
  • Academic average: 21
  • Perceptual ability: 20
  • Reading comprehension: 21
  • Quantitative reasoning: 19
  • Biology: 20
  • General chemistry: 21
  • Organic chemistry: 21
  • Total science: 21
Although our general minimum acceptable score is 17 on all scales, competitive scores this year were 20 and higher. If your scores are significantly lower than our class averages, you should retake the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) before September.

You should phone UoP and find out QR.. Good Luck :thumbup:
By the way, Loma Linda is religious, you need a reference from a priest or some kind of spiritual guide
aight i'll call'em tomorrow and i'll let you all know. man it'd suck to have to retake just cuz of qr...
k i just called and they said it really just depended on your other scores. the lady asked me if my other scores where at least a 20 and given the 19's in PA and RC it didn't sound so optimistic. so damn, i'm thinking retake- any advice would be apreciated...

oh and you can't fax UOP dat scores unless they ask for it.