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Aug 1, 2008
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Finished my DAT finally... Was supposed to take it on September but had a fever for a week...Overall, I guess I should be relatively satisfied with the scores...other than RC and Bio

Score Breakdown

PAT: 21 (93.9% decent, but I probably could have pushed for 22-23 if I had more sleep I think...I only had 5 hours of sleep)
QR : 26 (98.9%)
RC : 18 (39.0% wtf thought i got near perfect on this too....passages were so good too)
Bio: 18 (65.1% well deserved after 2 months of not studying and having school...so pissed and disappointed)
GC: 20 (81.2% pissed here again, thought i had near perfect)
OC: 19 (73.9% really surprised because I had 20 min to finish that damn section and answered most questions through guessing games)
TS: 19 (77.1% - Think I may have been close to
AA: 20 (85.1%) - I wanted a 21 badly, but I guess a 2 in front isnt too bad

Overall questions were fair, for bio, i gambled by not studying for some sections, i lost the gamble and I'd say 25% of the questions could have been answered w/ full confidence if i studied those sections :(

I am going for a retake next yr and hope to get a higher mark in all the sections, especially the sciences and RC. Thanks for the help SDN!


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Oct 30, 2005
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Why would you retake? Unless you have a sub 3.4 GPA, you shouldn't worry about anything. Nasty QR, damn
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Jun 14, 2008
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If you have solid ps and extracarix and 3.5<GPA then you are fine. Just apply early and enjoy urslef. Congrats GReat scores.
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