Dat finished! 09/28

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May 16, 2008
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By the grace of God...

Bio: 22
Gchem: 24
Ochem: 19
PAT: 24
RC: 25
QR: 16 :/
TS: 22
AA: 21

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to be honest, youre qr is borderline but otherwise you definitely have nice competitive scores. good luck applying?

what did you use to study? especially gchem? awesome scores!
Yeah, I don't know what happened with math because I'm decent/good at math. I guess I was used to having extra time on the other sections that I wasn't thinking and got too relaxed/anxious of it almost ending. Oh well, what's done is done.

Anyway, here's what I did:

Biology: Schaum's Biology Outline, Kaplan Notecards, Destroyer

Gchem: Kaplan's Review Notes Book, Kaplan Notecards, Destroyer

Ochem: Organic Chemistry as a Second Language, Kaplan's Review Book, Kaplan Notecards, Ochem Odyssey


RC: no practice really, just from taking two Top Score tests

Math: Crack DAT Math, Kaplan Review Notes Book

Scienceaide Scratch Sheets: to get used to working with them to solve problems; totally helped because their scratch sheets were exactly like the test and so it wasn't something new to me when i got to the test

So I took a Kaplan course last summer and stopped studying after it because of school. So all I had left was the course Review Notes Book and notecards. Took me two months to study. The first month I read through Schaum's Biology Outline once. Took me so long because I was doing things on and off. Also fit in some math. Read through Gchem in Kaplan in a week. Then Organic Chemistry as a Second Language and Kaplan. From there I did some Destroyer for the sciences but didn't even get through everything (not even halfway for the subjects). I was seriously crunched for time. Went through the notecards every chance I got. Made my own notecards for things that I felt I needed to know. That helped because a couple of my notecards showed up on the test. Got through about 3 CDP tests. Took two TopScore tests in two consecutive days, 3 days before my test. Day before my test studied all day and reviewed all my notecards.

That's about it! Seriously, I wasn't expecting to do this well and it still amazes me because I was really scared of not being ready enough and not having enough time. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

P.S. I stayed off SDN the whole time!!!! It messes with your self-esteem and discourages you, or at least it did with me when I went on in the beginning of studying and saw people with super high scores. The only other time was to see how people felt about TopScore mirroring the real DATs.