Mar 23, 2018
I just finished my material study by watching Chad's and reading Dr. Romanos notes/AP cliff, and I currently have a little over 5 weeks until my DAT.

So my question is if I have to pick between Bootcamp and Genius which would be better to take practice tests on?

Also, If I do pick one would it be enough practice? Thank you.

PS: I already have DAT destroyer so I will be using it along with one of the other choices.


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Dec 25, 2016
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I believe BC bought DAT Genius, and thus the tests 6-10 on BC come from Genius (and are said to be slightly harder). So, you'd be paying the $250 for BC which comes with its 5 tests AND 5 tests from Genius all together :) Plus Mike's videos, which in my opinion, were better and easier to understand/follow than Chad's. Best of luck!
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Aug 1, 2017
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I agree with artist. Bootcamp was the whole package for me and I was very happy with the purchase. (I did not purchase any destroyer materials though so I may be a little biased)
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