Aug 4, 2010
Hi everyone, I just have a quick question. I am applying this cycle, and am studying to take the DAT on July 21st. The reason why I am taking it a little late is because I am taking the second semester of o-chem this summer. I have read up about taking the DAT late and know that it will take 2-4 weeks for them to send my DAT to schools which will would mean my app would be received in early August. There are mixed feelings about this being too late and this being fine on SDN and I am little stressed about it. What I am wondering is… should I take the DAT earlier and just try to learn the bulk of o-chem 2 on my own. I have heard that o-chem is the easiest section on the DAT and I really want that to be a high score. Is it worth it to risk taking it earlier? or should I just wait to take it until July 21st?

Thanks for any advice!
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