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May 3, 2009
so i took the dat today and it still feels so unreal. i dont feel like its over. i feel like i still have to study. so wierddd.

i studied from the last week of may until now. i would consider myself a slow studier. i would think it takes me a long time to study. so i studied for like 7 hours/day at the beginning and then ended up doing 10 hours a day for the last month. the last 2 weeks i stuffed it in and studied even more. i know im crazy. like i said, it takes me longer to study so dont use that as an example.


GC: 24
BIO: 20
OC: 30
QR: 17
RC: 24 (i did not expect to do this well)
PAT: 19 (i expected to do at least 20/21 bc i did a lot better on CDP)

TS: 24
AA: 23

ok so there was some kind of alarm that kept going off in the building throughout GC and then through PAT so it flustered me. i think thats why i couldnt concentrate in pat. i got thrown off and ran out of time.

-class notes
-kaplan (tests only. didnt use it to study)

there were only a few things on the test that you actually had to calculate. most of the stuff was setting up and lots of theory. the main thing i used here was the destroyer. even though there are many calculations, it goes over all the topics you need to know.

OC: pretty much same deal. during my break i was thinking to myself that this section was a joke. i was thinking i must have messed it up. after doing destroyer and the road maps, this section is seriously a joke. im not kidding.

bio: random random. did cliffs twice (big help) and destroyer and a bit of kaplan. do whatever you can.

RC: you need to actually understand the passage. but i did search and destroy. i would read one question. find the paragraph taht was talking about it and understood the paragraph really well before answering the question. its all there but you need to understand. topscore is the best. same passage length but on the dat its a little different. but i thought topscore prepared me pretty well.

QR: i thought i would get at least an 18. it was hard. i did math destroyer which was great. i did kaplan to review some concepts. theres a section in the KBB that helps. not everything there but helps. did kaplan test and TS too. work fast. i didnt finish. guessed (seriously guessed) 13 of them.

PAT: i did pat on the practice tests and on CDP. i also used the crazy wicked pat tutorial on this site. it was great! honestly, the pat was a lot easier than CDP. angles, hole punching, cubes, TFE, were wayyy easier. keyholes and patterns a bit harder but eh, not really. if youre doing well on CDP youre great. i think its most similar in difficulty to topscore. but you shouldnt practice with something easier. you should up your game by practicing with something harder so you could rock this section. i got flustered bc there was an alarm for like 10 mins during this section. took way too long on TFE and ran out of time on patterns. i was getting 20, 21, 22, 23 on CDP so i expected at least a 20 but im not upset.

my PAT score is not too low, right? im happy with it but i hear dental schools love love pat. 19 is ok right?

im so not worried about the rest of my sections. im very happy.

any questions? shoot. ill try to answer to the best of my abilities.

oh and gpa is 3.95 science gpa is about the same. proud of myself and pretty happy with my stats.
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Jan 7, 2009
Woot nice job. Seems like SDNers are slaughtering OC left and right. I guess I better study hard and continue this trend:D. That alarm thing you mentioned is not legit.... If it really messed with your testing I think there should be some kind of note somewhere that explains what happened. AH well, even with that obstacle, you did awesome. Enjoy the rest of summer and gl applying :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::laugh:
May 15, 2009
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Well done!:claps: