Dec 4, 2013
Detroit, Michigan
So I have read a lot that Math destroyer is very good for studying math and is very similar to the actual DAT questions. I have read so many posts saying that the first 10 chapters are pretty easy. I have been out of math for awhile, and I was wondering the best way to learn these formulas and concepts for the math sections. Is it best to just go through all the problems and the answers and learn them that way? Thank so much for your help! Math section is really scaring me :/


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Sep 6, 2011
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Math destroyer would be more than enough to get ready for QR. Don't stress yourself out too much on the more complicated problems because they will not show up on the DAT.
Going through them will be a good way to memorize formulas. I think that memory by use is far greater than just repeating it over and over.
Jun 5, 2013
Personally I thought math destroyer was too hard. I really liked crack dat math especially since it's on the computer. I basically skipped every word problem but made sure I knew trig,geometry, and calculations really well. Just know as much as you can, keep practicing, and you'll be ok.


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Jul 27, 2013
I was in your same position. I did like the first 7 test and all of them I thought were way harder than the real thing... Since I had been out for so long it took me forever to get through them but I started out going through each problem and checking them or learning how to do each problem. After I got a grip on some of the problems I tried to do the whole test by like test 4 or 5. It took forever and was quite frustrating to be honest. Anyways it depends on what your shooting for, I was just hoping for a 18 on the math haha. For me DATqvault was identical to what I experienced on the real DAT. Don't stress youll do great if you put the time in! Good luck
Jan 28, 2013
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The reason why the math section is tough is the time limit. It sucks. Hard. You only have a little over a minute per problem, and if you use the wrong initial approach to solve a problem you waste time. You MUST time yourself when using Destroyer.

I did Destroyer untimed and got 37+ out of 40 correct each section, which will correspond to something like a 29 on the DAT. But I ran out of time on the real thing and only got a 21.