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Feb 22, 2011
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    Many Old study books. Believe it or not I passed studying these material last year and I just don't need them anymore. I realized materials don't change much you over time ,just may need different books and different authors to see which one works better for you. If you are studying for DAT you can still study MCAT books , it will help to pass DAT and if you are studying MCAT , I have a selection here.

    If you are in chicago (60645) you can just come for pick up.
    If you are in another state, I will have to ship it.

    Message me let me know which ones you want or if you want it all.


    DAT Destroyer-2009 (Organic Chem, General Chem, Biology, Quantitative reasoning)
    MAT Destroyer-2011

    Organic Chemistry Odyssey-2009

    Kaplan- DAT-Review Notes-2009
    Kaplan-DAT- Lesson Book -2009

    Kaplan-DAT 2007-2008

    Kaplan-DAT 3rd ed (with CD) -2004

    Schuam's outlines-Biology -3rd ed -2009
    Barron's DAT-1999
    Cliff's Notes- AP Biology-3rd ed-2009

    Exam Crackers- 101 Passages in Mcat (Verbal Reasoning)-2002
    Exam Crackers- 1001 Questions in Mcat (Biology)-2006
    Exam Crackers- 1001 Questions in Mcat (Organic Chemistry)-2006
    Exam Crackers- 1001 Questions in Mcat (Physics)-2003
    Exam Crackers- 1001 Questions in Mcat (Chemistry)- 2005

    Exam Crackers- Mcat-Organic Chemistry -4th ed-2003
    Exam Crackers- Mcat-Chemistry- 4th ed-2003
    Exam Crackers- Mcat-Biology- 4th ed-2003
    Exam Crackers- Mcat- Verbal reasoning & mathematical techniques- 7th ed- 2007

    Kaplan-MCAT-Lesson Books-2008
    Kaplan-MCAT- Physical science Review Notes-2007
    Kaplan-MCAT- Biological Science-2007
    Kaplan-MCAT-Verbal Reasoning Strategy & Practice-2007

    Mcat Flash Cards

    Kaplan-MCAT-High yield problem solving guide -2007
    Kaplan-MCAT-Advanced (Intensive Prep for top students)-2009
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