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Apr 21, 2004
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I was feeling really good about QR yesterday on topscore exam number 1. If you know the concepts you can get the right answer. But today I am gettin rolled by Kaplan practice tests. I have a VERY poor math background and it is by far my weakest subject. I am usually decent at word problems but the kaplan questions are very involved with many variables. The times I set up the problem correctly it would still take me far too long to solve the problem. A topscore word problem can be solved in under a minute but these kaplan ones are more like 3-4 minute problems in my opinion.

So, are the DAT QR questions more like topscore or more like Kaplan? Am I the only one feeling a big difference in the demands of the two? I need to know which (or both?) to focus on to bring up my QR score.



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Mar 17, 2006
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yeah kaplan QR is pretty bad, esp the long calculations, i think the real QR pretty much has numbers that cancel out easily.
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