Feb 24, 2014
On the real DAT in the Prometric Testing Center, do you take the dat in a room of other people, or are you alone? The reason I'm wondering is because I have tried many reading comprehension strategies and one thing that has helped me immensely on RC is if I read the passages out loud to myself. I am trying to transition this technique to reading out loud in my head ha, but I was just curious if you'd be able to read out loud on the real thing or if you are in a room that is silent with other people? Thanks!


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Aug 20, 2011
You're with other people. You can't talk, but you can mouth it if that helps. I think it's a good method for making sure you see everything in the passage, but some paragraphs you can easily skip over, like where they're clearly classifying something based on numbers and no other information. I also usually glance over any of the historical paragraphs because I figure most of that stuff is usually together and you can S&D it if you really need to.
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Oct 6, 2014
Best strategy for this section is to take your time reading the articles the first time around and making a quick note (mentally or otherwise) summarizing each paragraph you just read. It saves time having to skim and if you do have to look the answer up, you'll know exactly where to go. I say give yourself at least 10 minutes to read each article through.