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DAT RETAKE!! and comments on DAT Destroyer

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by xenomblack, May 9, 2007.

  1. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    I took my DAT in Jan this year, and here are my scores (please bear with me that I'm not trying to brag about my scores, but I'm trying to help people who will be taking the test in the future)

    AA 21
    Bio 20
    Chem 25
    Orgo 25
    PAT 19
    Reading 19
    Math 17

    Because of my Math section...
    I'll be taking the test again in June..

    I don't know how many people before me said good things about DAT destroyer, but I can tell you at least this from my scores.....
    Working with DAT Destroyer WILL help you on science section 100% guarantee...

    The first time I did the questions on Destroyer, I got less than 20% on bio,
    40% on chem and 50% on orgo....

    I bet there is no one who can look at the Destroyer for the first time and get a score that they wished they got on the real DAT.

    I found that going over the problems over and over again at least 3 times will help you understand what type of mechanisms/calculations that Dr. Romano's trying to show you..

    I looked at the poll on DAT destroyer... and my initial reaction was curiousity on how they used the Destroyer.

    People who have chose 1s may haven't found the "best studying method" using Destroyer.

    Studying Destroyer itself won't get you the scores you want/deserve...

    Call/e-mail Dr. Romano if you get stuck, and spend at least about 3 weeks studying for the test!

    you will all get 21+ if you study hard enough..

    Just my 2 cents on destroyer, and how to study for DAT...
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  3. evlyann

    evlyann New Member 5+ Year Member

    Mar 2, 2005
    THe math on Destroyer is good cuz it preps you in all areas. Having taken the test before, I know you need more practice on word problems. Find more math supplemental for that. As far as the sciences go, Destroyer really preps you for it. Just put in the time and review the explanations and u should be set.
  4. orthdent786

    orthdent786 Junior Member 5+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2005
    destroyer is the way to go :thumbup: :thumbup:
  5. Law0830

    Law0830 Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    Apr 9, 2006
    Hey xenom hows it going. Wanted to know how the whole application process is coming along for you. We have identical science grades, hope everything is going good for you. Take care
  6. danseiel


    Oct 19, 2006
    Good luck xenom! Did you study your science too just to refresh your memory?
  7. RussianCUB

    RussianCUB looking at teeth for life 2+ Year Member

    Feb 25, 2007
    east coast
    i dont want to try and change your oppinon at all but i just want to say that your scores are really good and im sure the 17 wouldnt affect you in the long run. Since your so determined to retake the exam, i wish you luck on it and im certain you will do great. i am studying for the exam the same way as you are and i hope i get those scores in the sciences!
  8. RozhonDDS

    RozhonDDS 7+ Year Member

    Jan 2, 2006
    your scores are fine, personally I don't think you have to retake the exam, as for destroyer, some people find it more beneficial than others, enough said
  9. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    I will be studying for the science section again...

    I don't think you can study enough for the bio section to be honest
  10. hrndawg

    hrndawg 2+ Year Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    Xenom, those are solid scores...I don't think that the 17 in math is anything to worry about when the schools see your 25's in the chems. Congrats on these scores!
  11. 901preDent

    901preDent Banned Banned

    May 2, 2007
    Memphis TN
    I am just curious how long and how often did you use the destroyer and how strong of a math student you were befo4re the DAt?
    thanks, lucas
  12. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    I used destroyer for 3 weeks straight, everyday for about 3 hours each.

    I took a Calculus 1 class and received a B.
    Received an A in statistics
  13. doc toothache

    doc toothache 10+ Year Member

    Jan 17, 2006
    In case you missed it look at:
  14. blasterx

    blasterx 2+ Year Member

    Apr 1, 2007
  15. doc toothache

    doc toothache 10+ Year Member

    Jan 17, 2006
    Thanks for the good suggestion. Will do but limited to # of characters.
  16. allaphenom

    allaphenom New Member 2+ Year Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    New York
    Wow those scores are pretty gives me hope!
    I'm using the Destroyer to study now and I think its awesome but I haven't taken the exam. I am pretty confident though that it will get me the scores I need since I'm mainly learning from it instead of just getting all the questions right.
    Anyway...good luck on taking the exam again if you definitely decide to do so!:thumbup:
  17. Mstoothlady2012

    Mstoothlady2012 5+ Year Member

    Apr 7, 2007
    nice scores...i really dont think you need to retake the DAT...but its upto you good luck anyways!
    i am using destroyer as well...havent used much but its nice to hear that it helps!
    thanks for the comments!
  18. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
  19. futuredentist23

    futuredentist23 Member 5+ Year Member

    Dec 8, 2004
    those scores rock!...i hope you get into the schools of your top choice. i'm taking mine on july 17th and i'm studying with the DAT is definitely a charm...:luck: :thumbup:
  20. janeliu

    janeliu 7+ Year Member

    May 14, 2007
    I took the first time DAT one year ago and applied 16 schools last cycle ending no interview at all. Please help me figure out the reason. I start application in middle of August and Scool did not receive my file until the end of Oct. I have bachelor degree in chemical engineer / Master in Accounting and working full time as an account. I have three years chemical research experience and some dental clinic experience. So I took DAT again on 05/10/07. Please compare the two scores and which look better. Should i retake it again? How you think the chance for me next cycle. I am already 32 years old.
    Perception: 18
    Quatity: 26
    Reading: 14
    Biology: 19
    Chemistry: 18
    Organic: 15
    Total science: 18
    AA: 18

    Perception: 16
    Quatity: 19
    Reading: 13
    Biology: 18
    Chemistry: 25
    Organic Chemistry: 22
    Total science: 20
    AA: 19
  21. kyleene06

    kyleene06 2+ Year Member

    Dec 12, 2006
    How does the Kaplan class prepare you for the Science section? Do you think it's necessary to use extra books along with the $1300 course?
  22. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    I'd say your AA is pretty good, but I believe you need to improve on your reading scores..
    Generally Dental schools look for applicants with Reading score of 19 or higher
  23. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    I'd hate to show a strong opinion...
    but Kaplan's basically worthless..

    all the instructor does is read the guide he received from KAPLAN, which doesn't help you understand.

    Destroyer, Achiever, Topscore, and save the extra money for application cycle.. seriously
  24. phungy

    phungy Account Terminated 10+ Year Member

    May 8, 2006
    This is exactly my plan too. Using Destroyer as my main practice/study while using Shaum's College Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biology as reference and ExamKrackers Verbal. After that I plan on purchasing Topscore and Achiever for full-lengths. Hope this plan succeeds.
  25. lor

    lor 2+ Year Member

    Nov 27, 2006
    you study the Kaplan blue book and you are ready for your exam, no need for destroyer:D
  26. Law0830

    Law0830 Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    Apr 9, 2006
    Hey xenom hows it goin?
    wanted to let you know my friend got an acceptance to nyu but is rejecting it so that means that there are open spots still at this point.
    I also yesterday got accepted to Columbia but im going to pass on it and stay at Stony Brook. So keep the faith something good might turn your way. Best of Luck!
  27. xenomblack

    xenomblack Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    thank you

    what did you get on your DAT?

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