May 22, 2017
Hi Everyone!

I took the DAT 5/22

feralis bio notes
cliffs AP bio
chads videos

I studied for 3mo, the first half reviewing and learning material, the second half reviewing in the AM and practice questions in the PM. Towards the last few weeks I only did practice questions and full exams 1/week until my test day. I went into my test feeling like I wasn't 100% prepared but was starting to feel burnt out and didn't want my past few months to be wasted so I took the test anyway. after seeing my score I knew I had to retake the test. I took a month off after the test to recuperate.

I've been using the DAT destroyer and math destroyer to improve my science scores. This is my 2nd time going through the questions (timed of course) but still need a resource to pull my RC score up. I was reluctant to repurchase BC as I was worried I memorized a lot of the questions. Any advice is appreciate. Thank you very much

good luck to all the applicants this cycle! :)
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Jun 21, 2016
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You need to read more! 2 hours a day reading. I am serious as someone who sucks at RC, and decided to postpone because I am getting less than 15, I wish I had read more scientific boring stuff!
So yes, 2 hours reading! and time yourself!
I would google! something annoying like calcium function in the body and read about it!
I mean scientific American articles are so easy compared to Bootcamp, so read seicntfic journals!
THere are free ones out there or just download them from your school library!

From my experience, RC in Crack the dat is good. Not too easy, not too hard, and they have the highlighting feature now.
the have 10 tests, but you have pay for the full package, which is good if you want to get better at Pat as their pat is reasonable, good for starting.

Also, another good option is RC in Qvault they have 7 tests, but no highlighting feature. only 50 dollars.

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