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Jul 2, 2007
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PAT: 19
QR: 18
RC: 20 (Piano'd :thumbdown:)
Biology: 17
Gen Chem: 19
OC: 20
TS: 18
AA: 19

oh and my previous scores
PAT 19, QR 18, RC 17, Bio 16, Gen chem 16, Orgo 19, AA17, TS 16

I couldn't sleep at all the night before the exam because i was stressing bad, after hearing the high scores my friend got that night. I have been studying for about 2-4 hours a day for the past 2 months. After seeing my scores I'm not sure i'm gonna get in for this application cycle, but i already sent in my application and everything so I'm just gonna be optimistic.

PAT: i used crack dat pat and my mind was really hazy from the lack of sleep. The angles were on par with CDP. Due to the lack of sleep, i could barely conceptualize any of the images. I usually get around 21-23 on this test so it sucks.
Materials: Achiever, CDP

Bio: This portion was so random, everything i studied for especially campbell's chapters 19-21 which i was slammed for the last exam were nonexistent in here. It had a couple images and asked what this was? WTF.
Materials: Destroyer, Campbell, Cliff's AP, Kaplan

GC: The questions here mainly asked were all conceptual questions. Make sure you know your laws of thermodynamics and gas laws. It also asked to flip fractions and stuff around. So know how to manipulate the problems. Like others I used chad and destroyer. The questions on destroyer are pretty identical to the questions asked so learn those.
Materials: Destroyer, Chad

OC: OMG, i thought i was gonna own this portion, but they asked some really random reactions. A lot of the questions were asked on the stereochemistry, what reactants were used so those were pretty straight forward. The destroyer road maps were nonexistent on this exam, but learn them anyway and understand how the reactions goes.
Materials: Destroyer, Chad

Reading: Taking a break, i read a book to get my mind focused since my brain was still being a little hazy. The first two sections were straight forward with search and destroy since i had it on aspirin and 2nd messengers. As soon i as clicked next i saw "PIANO" in bold letters. :mad:. I calmed my nerves and took a huge breath. instead of search and destroy i just read through the entire passage, and made a outline of it. The questions worded were really awkward, but it was doable though. It wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, but i probably missed at least half the questions due to my lack of understanding of the tone of the questions on the piano.

QR: This portion was really similar to math destroyer. I was just really slow going through each question. I never timed myself taking the tests, so that was my mistake on my part. I just never felt confident in it so i just worked the problems out like homework.
Materials: Math Destroyer

My score isn't as great as most of you on here, but what are my chances to get into dental school this application cycle?

I graduated from SIUE and i have a GPA of 3.0. So I didn't really do anything else but study for this exam this fall. I'm kind of upset with my scores, but i can't really do anything about it since its done and over with.

I applied to
Loma Linda
Arizona School of Dentistry
Midwestern, Illinois
Souther Illinois University
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Congrats on working hard and showing your dedication to the field of dentistry!

Those scores may well get you an interview somewhere...although the 17 in bio hurts....I had close to the same scores when i took it before and got 2 interviews.

18/19/19 is not bad as the average for most schools last year was 19/19/19. You may want to work on building up that GPA though as a 3.0 is a bit low....

It's pretty late in the game to get interviews at this point in the app cycle....but who knows, its always a crap shoot. I would say you will have a much better chance if you apply EARLY next cycle...like get your app in on the 1st or 2nd day (no joke).

Good luck! :luck: