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DAT Study Advice

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by 4thQtrDreams, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. 4thQtrDreams

    4thQtrDreams Good times, for a change.
    7+ Year Member

    Sep 1, 2004
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    Dental Student
    hey all...

    Ive been studying all summer.. my test is scheduled for august 24th. (it was originaly scheduled for this friday but i changed about 3 weeks ago cause i calculated correctly that i wouldnt have the time to get to everything.)

    In mid april i went through kaplan general chemistry, just the white book. just this past week i finished up all the subject tests.. i also plan on redoing all the questions in the 3 full lenght kaplan tests and also DAT achiever and TOPscore...

    95 percent of the question on the kaplan subject test i understand after going over them. should i just go over the test over and over.. and also the dat achiever and top score over and over? This is exaclty the way i studied for all my science classes throuought school but i never thought to do the same for the DAT until someone here posted that they did.

    can i do the same for the rest of the subjects.. should i go through exams and then review them over and over doing the problems over and over? bio, orgo, QR?

    so far i have also gone through 80% of all bio review and textbook. i will do subject tests and know all the questions..

    I have not yet touched Orgo, i will go over it this week and i think i will be pretty ready for orgo.. i will just go through Kaplan Orgo. and subject test.

    I worry that i will be mhave gaps in my knowledge if i use this method without going through the text books over again.

    what do you think should i just do that?should i go through subject test and sample tests over and over till i want to puke?

    also, should i use DAT acheiver and TOPScore as a tool to tell my how ready i am or as a study guide (ie take the test and repeat the questions over and over till i know them cold)

    Thank you for reading this long post and responding.
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  2. '11

    '11 Member
    2+ Year Member

    Jul 24, 2006
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    your thread is like questions and answers at the same time
    i mean, it is more like you are asking yourself a question and then answering it
    r u using campbel for bio review?
    i can tell you it is going to take me a year to finish that text book :laugh:


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