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Sep 9, 2015
So I was previously going to go to medical school and I got the MCAT Princeton bundle that has all the subjects in one package but when I look for DENTAL school review books and forums people use like a different book for each subject dat destroyer for X, DAT achiever for Y, Kaplan for Z.

I was wondering if there is like a certain book or bundle that has all of the subjects so I dont have to research all the different books for each subject and just buy a bundle together. I was trying to buy the DAT destroyer 2015 but I cant find it anywhere online either, does anyone know where to buy this (think i found a legitimate website http://orgoman.com/datdestroyer.html#)?

Also is the math destroyer highly recommended or will I be ok with just the DAT destroyer?

Think im going to go with the DAT and math Destroyer and then the DAT achiever for PAT
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