Mar 20, 2012
Hello, I am planning to study for the DAT now and take it maybe June and not sure what kind of materials I should look for to preparer for the test. I did some research but there are too many of them so I don't know which ones I should focus on. Also would that be fine if the materials were the older version? Thanks a lot!
Jun 16, 2013
I know it can be super overwhelming, but the DAT sub-board on this site is pretty useful. Honestly, what I did was just use the Kaplan blue book plus a few MCAT subject books (bio, chem, and orgo) that I checked out of the library! (they didn't have any DAT books, sadly so I just used what was available). The Kaplan is good for review, but I would't use it for subjects that you actually need to re-learn. Whenever I totally didn't remember a concept (usually with orgo) and the Kaplan/MCAT books weren't helpful, I just went back to my old textbooks and orgo notes. I also found as many practice tests as I could (a friend of mine had some different DAT study materials than me and so she lent me some of the practice exams that were in her books)-- those were super, super helpful!

For the PAT section I used the Crack PAT. Although it can be a little pricey, it's totally worth it. It's great review!

I didn't bother with any of the online videos or any of that, but honestly it really depends on how you study best and how much supplemental material you need.

Good luck!


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May 5, 2012
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The link in my signature is a collection of thorough breakdowns.
My breakdown is in it, and I really stand by my recommendations. I suggest you check a few of them, though! :)