Day 1 for studying Naplex!

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Apr 19, 2014
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I have been very lazy...and tired because of my rotation, but I have to force myself to study for NAPLEX. My goal is to take it at the end of June, and take MPJE the following week. The biggest goal of all is to pass..I've been very nervous that I could not even start. Rx prep is a huge book, and I am just overwhelmed just by looking at it. I've been devastated, but I know I can't dwell on such thoughts for a long time, because the winter(=naplex) is coming...

If I pass, I will come back and share my study tips. SDN has been a very good resource for me and I want to be a part of them helping others pass. If I fail, I will come back in 5 months lol I wouldn't feel like sharing my failure story until I pass..

So here I am! Day 1! Kind of a late starter, so wish me luck ;)

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