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May 6, 2012
I'm looking to do my APPE rotations out in the DC area, my question is if I were to do rotations in DC/NOVA/MD would I need a license for each state (or district)? I tried looking through the forum for any similar type questions but couldn't find any...


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Feb 20, 2002
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Yep, all three (VA, MD, and the District) all have their own licensing process and issue separate licenses, and do not respect another license practicing in their physical jurisdiction without having their local license. For an intern, it's pretty straightforward though if you have the right paperwork from your school. If your APPE is in the federal civil service as an intern (FDA, Veterans Affairs, and CMS rotations), your license wherever it is will work normally. Be careful where the jurisdictions are especially between MD and DC (NW in "Chevy Chase" and SE in particular), you should ask at the particular site which jurisdiction applies as parts of the Northern boundary of the District and MD are quite vague due to the buildup nowadays. The Southwest VA side is also kind of a headache as the District possess the Potomac and parts of the south bank as well (although I can't remember any pharmacies in that area, it's taken up by the Anacostia base and the sewage plant).