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Apr 6, 2003
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I've read what you had 2 say about FP and its reputation and its fate in 20 years..Well... everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I disagree with you. To be fair, 5 years ago my pediatricians helper ( i think he was an MD too but was there on an on and off basis) told me not to go into peds (was prob talking about FP as well) and said nurses take away some of your business. Anywho, u also told some1 im not sure that he is probably mad that he pissed away 100000 in debt in order to go into FP while nurses and Pas will do what he does and be in less debt. FP's with the MD/DO license that they obtained with their pissing away $$$$$$, they CAN go back into residency ( if what u said happens, FP's making 50K a year) and get paid the 50 maybe 60K a year and after 3 years come out and be SPecialists... Nurses and PAs cant do that........ so im just trying 2 say... if what u say comes true (and i think theres no way its going to be to the extend u say it will be, i bet itll happen slightly), MD/DO's still have the upper hand b/c of their TITLE and option to become specialists and RN and PA surely can not do that....

ALso, would u be willing to save an hour or 2 of waiting and a few bux and NOT see an MD/DO ? ud go to the RN or PA... its your health we r talking about here, not a TV or fast food or whatever...... WHat you say will happen is GROSSLY overstating it to say the least.. for nurses and pa's to be able 2 do things like u mention, they will need to REFORM the entire RN and PA school system and requirments dont u think??? making it harder to get into those schools?

Bottom line being an MD/DO FP is 100 times better than an RN or PA who wants to take over an FP's jobs........they will not take over FP for the 1st part........and if the impossible does happen, FP's not satisfied with their salaries can get back into residency for a salary equivalent to the one they earn b/c of RNs and become big time specialists later on.. MD/DO who stick to FP will be the better FP and always thward RNs and PA's taking over that field

Im sorry if im putting down RN's and PAs when i mention them but i dont mean it... just that RN's and PA's are NOT doctors and u think they will some day take over FP's.....but if they wanted to be FP's they shoulda became MD/DO in the 1st place...RNs and Pas r a very important part of the med system indeed but i dunno y theyd try 2 take over FP.........

U prove an old adage... whatever path u take in life, there will be ppl creating turmoil in your field...trying 2 put u down, ruin ur reputation, even make u think u chose the wrong path....

DO vs MD US MD vs Foreign MD.............etc.........everyone should be very proud of themselves and try 2 ignore statements like yours that try to perturb them...if u dont have anything nice 2 say, dont say it at all lol anyways sorry 4 the long post but i was thinking long and hard at what u said....and i had a response 4 u.... BTW im pre med, recently accepted to NYCOM :D