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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Hawkeye, Dec 8, 1999.

  1. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 30, 1999
    Iowa City, IA U.S.A.
    I have already posted this question on the Medstudent (Osteopahtic) board, but I want to hear what other premeds think also. My biggest concern about going to an osteopathic school is the accumulation of a large debt. I love the osteopathic profession and would much rather be a D.O. But at the same time, I am considering my state school (University of Iowa) which will be much less expensive. Does anyone have any thoughts, concerns, or advice about the accumulation of this debt of $100,000+? I really do not want to go into the military, so are they any other scholarships that would help cover the expenses? Thanks in advance!

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  3. upcomingdoc

    upcomingdoc Junior Member

    Dec 7, 1999
    Pullman, WA USA
    Yes, there are a at least 2 other opportunities. They are both through the gov't. They pay your tuition and you serve in underserved areas in the U.S. I plan on applying to them both. "underserved" can be rural, urban, prisons, reservations... - anywhere they deem to be underserved. There is a min. number of years (2 yrs. I think) to serve and after that it is year for year ($/work).
  4. darly

    darly Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 2, 1999
    Irvine, CA, USA

    I have also thought about the money that I'll probably owe everyone in this world by the end of medical school. You see... I would probably have to pay for med school through loans. However, I 've realized that $100,000 is a small price to pay for my lifelong dream to come true. I'll probably earn that back in a few years anyways. But... if you're still worried about the money, there are scholarships out there for graduate programs, including medical schools. Just look them up on the internet. I am sure you'll find tons of them. Good luck!

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