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Hello all, black senior here at a T10 undergrad notorious for its premed course load. However, my cGPA and sGPA are nevertheless unacceptable at slightly over 3.1 and 3.0, respectively. I plan on taking the MCAT next spring, and am currently scoring 512 on my practice tests.

I have a pretty wide range of ECs, including about 1500 hours of research across two labs with one publication so far (and some others potentially in the works), shadowing and hospital volunteering, as well as a few internships and Work-Study positions. I have little to no nonclinical volunteering, unfortunately, as I work to pay for school and living expenses, but I've been trying to work on it.

If I were to score a 512, what should my course of action look like? Thanks.
Apply DO, the HBCs and your state schools.
Could I considerably improve my chances with a postbacc?

Edit: Also, I have residency in both DC and Maryland as my parents are split. Since DC has no state schools, should I go with Maryland?
You should use it as your state of residence as state schools favor the home team.

Or would the bump on my apps to places like Howard, GWU, and Georgetown be worth it if going with DC?
DC residence won't matter. Being a URM applicant will (but you need to show that you can handle med school)
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