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Dec 12, 2002
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You will be able to find a place to match, but I agree with applying fairly broadly. It's even more important to be smart about where you are applying. Research the programs pretty well and focus on places that are attainable. Ask the other pediatricians you know (in the department or community) about lesser known programs that are very good (there are a ton of these). There are lots of programs in the geographical area you describe, but don't anchor yourself to one place or region. Be very up front with what happened first year, and I would include it in your personal statement. Don't write a sob story, but tell them exactly what you said here: that you had issues with maturity and time management, but that you've really learned how to get it together, study and be a good physician. I'd view it as a wake up call.
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Aug 24, 2013
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When you say "lesser known programs that are very good (there are a tone of these)"?

Can you give me some examples? I asked my adviser and she said:

1. DE Wilmington Jefferson Medical College/duPont Hospital for Children Program

2. PA Allentown Lehigh Valley Health Network/University of South Florida College of Medicine Program

3.PA Danville Geisinger Health System Program

Any other programs you would add to that list? I was hoping for something a little more south, but these are at least east coast.