Destroyer Road Maps


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Mar 23, 2009
    What have you found as the best way to memorize these road maps?
    Do you write them over and over or look at them? do you learn them one at a time?
    Did you write each reaction on a separate note card and study them that way?

    Ive been contemplating the best way so if anyone has some insight that would be great. Thanks in advance.


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    Nov 30, 2008
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      I plan on just writing out the road maps multiple times each and eventually they will stick.

      I asked my O. Chem teacher what he thought would be the best way to study reactions and he told me physically writing out the reactions because when you do it that way you're learning it in two ways by reading it AND by writing it.
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      Mar 2, 2009
      Long Island, NY
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        i did what someone else suggested a while back, though it's a bit of work to set up... if you conveniently have a photocopier, i made photocopies of each of the roadmaps (in case you didn't see, there's another one on pg. 82, and an diazonium one somewhere around there too), white out the products, and then make photocopies of those. it was a lot more work for me though because a) too much whiteout and bottle was drying up on me, and b) the fumes! -- i cut out a little piece of paper and taped it over the product. overall, i think it was worth it though.
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