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Oct 15, 2011
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  1. Dental Student
Hey Everyone! So I took the DAT in September and scored a 17, I was pretty upset but i can honestly say I scheduled my test and then couldnt study as I planned to. So now I have been studying since Feb and I am planning to take it beginning of May. I have been using: Barrons Bio and Gen Chem book, Chads videos (GC, OC and QR), Cliffs Bio flashcards, the DAT destroyer and the Math Destroyer and CrackDAT and PAT, in addition to working full time as an orthodontic asst. Destroyer seems easier for me to grasp, but when I do the CrackDAT tests, I am not scoring that well. I do not remember the type of questions on the actual test, whether they are more similar to destroyer or CrackDAT. Can anyone remember and help me out! Thanks a bunch :)
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