Determining IV's and DV's

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Dec 31, 2012
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Hi everyone

this is my first post and I hope my question is not out of place here.

I am a 2nd year psych student doing an assignment that focuses on writing a research report. The focus is purely on how to construct a research report. I have to determine my IV's and DV's and am having some trouble grasping it.

Study 1:
All participants are required to complete 4 questionnaires:
SHSS (hypnotic susceptibility scale)
Demographics questionnaire (age, gender, ethnicity)
WAIS-IV (intelligence test)
MMPI-2 (personality test)

I have listed my IVs as:
Demographic characteristics (age, gender, ethnicity)

And my DV as hypnotic susceptibility

Study 2:
30 participants were taken from study 1 and split into 3 groups:
1. those who completed a training program
2. those who went on a multicultural expedition
3. a control group

The first 2 groups were retested on the SHSS after their tasks and the control group was simply retested on the SHSS and told there was problems recording the first test.

I have classed my IV as the task (3 levels)

My DV - hypnotic susceptibility

Any input is greatly appreciated :)
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