DFW Area Freestanding ER - Looking for EM Physician Partners

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May 4, 2005
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Hello - I’m working for a private freestanding ER group that is potentially expanding to the DFW area. Looking for potential FSER physician partners. Group is 100% physicians. No private equity.

Some details are missing because the lease isn’t signed yet. Please PM for details.

About the potential site/offer:
  • SW Dallas area
  • $60k for 2% equity (1 shift) in LLC (FSER) and PLLC (physician group)
  • No bank loan required.
  • Rate depends on what physician partners agree to.
  • Everyone including board members responsible for lease and cash calls if needed pro rata.
  • Looking for a medical director ($5k stipend monthly) and physician partners
  • Live in DFW (or surrounding areas) and be EM boarded
  • Have freestanding ER experience
  • Have great bedside manner
  • Participate in 1 marketing event every 6 months for every shift (for 2 years)
  • Know observation medicine (if indicated and reasonable)
Please PM for details.

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