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Sep 27, 2002
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i hear most people say that all we need to know for the boards step I is in the BRS pathology book. however, i've been goin over the chapter questions in the Robbins review pathology book and it seems like those questions are much more difficult than the subject manner in the BRS. they are harder than the end of chapter BRS questions too. overall, the robbins review has good clinical based questions and i'm learnin to use those for board type questions. but are the path questions on the boards gonna be as diffiuclt as that on the robbins review?? how accurate do you think the difficulty level of the robbins review questions are compared to actual board quesitons? thanks.


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Jul 31, 2000
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Some of the sections in Robbins are far too detailed to be useful for the boards, but they might be useful for classes. I thought that the cardio questions were the best done and most reflective of the boards, definitely do those. Robbins is also great for path pictures, useful when you need to know path pictures for class exams but there aren't too many board questions that required students to ID path pictures. Most of the questions with pictures on the boards can be answered by reading the question along, the picture only helps. There were a few exceptions to this with radiographs on the boards, I might have had 1-2 which required me to be able to identify some radiographs. I definitely would not recommend that you use robbins as your primary question book in studying for the boards, nothing out there beats q-bank imo.
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