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disadvantages to taking the usmle?

Discussion in 'Step I' started by prankster, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. prankster

    prankster 10+ Year Member

    Sep 23, 2004
    I've heard a lot about advantages of taking the USMLE (in addition to the COMLEX) but haven't heard about any disadvantages. Are there any? From what I have found out, it is not mandatory to report your USMLE score if you don't want. That seems to be a good reason to take the USMLE, but I'm not planning on taking it "just to see." If I take it, I want to do well. I am an average student in terms of GPA (mostly low B's and high C's), so I don't know if this makes it harder to pass the USMLE??? Also, for people who have taken both, have any of you regretted taking the USMLE? What extra studying should be done and how long do you recommend waiting between the USMLE and COMLEX? In addition, our school offers Kaplan COMLEX Qbank, should I purchase Kaplan USMLE QBank as well?
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  3. stretch210

    stretch210 Senior Member 5+ Year Member

    Jun 12, 2004
    Where did you hear that you didn't have to report it? From my understanding as of this year, all DO students MUST report their USMLE scores...
  4. BATiger

    BATiger Member 5+ Year Member

    Nov 14, 2004
    No, you don't have to report it. Our associate dean has to talked to us extensively about this. Basically, don't take it if you have any doubt you will pass. Everyone will be asked in their residency interviews whether they took it or not. If you failed, are you going to lie? It becomes more of an ethical question, obviously if they find out later you did take it you will not be joining that program. Not reporting scores officially does not mean no one will ever know.
  5. Idiopathic

    Idiopathic Newly Minted Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 10+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2003
    It does become a moot point, i.e. you will be asked and shouldnt lie, so technically you have to report it, but IT WONT KEEP YOU FROM GETTING AN INTERVIEW, which may be the big key (although if your score will kill you at the interview, then that may be worse).

    Disadvantages include extra $$$ and time, definitely considerations when the test is different enough from the COMLEX that you should put time into studying for each test, since they are distinct entities.

    I saw plenty of people take both, score near the mean on the USMLE, and feel like they wasted the time and the money...I suggest that if you dont think you can get 225+, dont take the USMLE...focus on doing better on COMLEX.

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