Mar 14, 2010
I was wondering if residents / attendings could shed some light into the diversity of cases seen in private practice dermatology.

Certainly in a big academic center you see a lot of everything, but naturally that diversity would decrease if you work in private practice. I was wanting to get a sense of just how much diversity remains. I assume that a lot of your pts will be there for acne, etc...could you walk us through a typical day in terms of the pts you see / etc?



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Jan 8, 2009
Attending Physician
I can maybe add a little to this thread.

I've shadowed in a private practice, and here is a typical patient day:

Patients: 35 to 40
2 to 4 acne
5 or so eczema/psoriasis
20 or more mole checks/cryotherapy
The remaining are a mix of different cases (a lot of interesting stuff when I shadowed...scabies, pityriasis alba, drug reactions just to name a few.

The practice is in a small city. I hope that helps.