Diversity Secondary Prompt Help

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Jul 6, 2022
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Hi everyone, was hoping to get some feedback on a possible response of mine to a diversity secondary essay prompt. For a few of my secondaries, they've asked me to describe a time in which I've learned something from someone or a group of people who are unlike myself. When thinking of my experiences with this, there has been one that I can remember that has had the largest impact on me. I was talking with a friend about some of the challenges they've had with their mental health. It opened my eyes to how debilitating these challenges can be for some and how it affects the way in which they act/make decisions. I've been lucky enough to not of struggled with mental health issues in the past so I was going to talk about all I've learned from this conversation. I was curious if this would be an appropriate response to the aforementioned prompt. I was not sure if those who read this response would agree that this is an experience with someone who is different from myself or if they are looking for a different situation. Any feedback is much appreciated!

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