May 9, 2020
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I am hoping to take 2 classes in the Spring semester to start a DIY post-bacc. I've looked into it at all of the schools near me (in Mass/the Boston area) and my issue is that I am also working full time as an RA and a lot of undergrad courses are obviously during the day. Additionally, there aren't a lot of upper level bio classes available to non-degree seeking students from what I can see. Has anyone done a DIY-post bacc while working and has any advice on how they did it? I guess I could look outside of my area as most schools will still be remote next semester but I'm not totally sure on that. Any advice would be helpful!
May 27, 2019
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  1. Pre-Medical
Currently work full time while having taken post-bacc classes since early spring. I usually take 3-4 courses a semester. The college system I'm taking my post-bacc courses at has night classes with most starting at 6:00pm or later. That usually gives me enough time to get off work and make it home. Thank god for online/remote learning or else I'm not sure how I possibly would have been able to do it. Perhaps it may be worthwhile to look at programs outside of your general area. Like you said, as long as it's remote teaching and you don't have to be physically present it should work out ok. Plus it might give you the flexibility of taking upper level advanced courses that aren't offered in your area.
Aug 2, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
I'm in the same boat as you are rdb_4 but hoping to do a DIY postbacc next year while I work full time as an RA. From what I've read Harvard Extension School offers some biomedical classes in the evenings. Are you looking to get prereqs done or strictly upper-level courses?
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