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Apr 2, 2005
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I've tried a search and couldn't find one specific to this situation, so any input will be appreciated.

DO’s are required to complete a DO internship in order to be licensed in the following 5 states: Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. I’m a 4th year DO student applying in allopathic (MD) programs in Florida.

Question: What will happen if I match in a categorical (4 year program) position? Can I still get licensed somehow? Does Resolution 42 apply here? Or should I just withdraw from the categorical positions in these states? Thanks in advance.

Resolution 42 link:


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Jul 8, 2008
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I'm an allopath but I know a lot of DOs in Michigan that matched at categorical places (all michigan programs are categorical). Henry Ford for example has a specific PGY1 elective track for DOs. Wayne will still take you but you have to do an intership somewhere else. Either way, its possible.

Best bet, contact the programs and ask them yourself what to do. I'm sure each one is different.


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Dec 12, 2003
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I had no problem meeting the requirements under Resolution 42. I did a prelim med year, but in an MD program in Maryland, where there are no approved DO internships. You can easily claim a hardship regarding location, but this may change in the future. All you have to do is meet the required rotations and attend a conference and you are golden. It is basically getting an MD internship approved as a DO internship. From what I hear, the AOA does not put up much resistance for categoricals either.
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