Medical Do I have to re-take the failed course at the same university or Can i take it at a different college?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I got a D in my biochemistry and I plan on retaking the course in my local college not where I took it originally. Does it matter where I retake Biochemistry and will it weigh the same taking at a different institution ?
Are you still in school at the place you got the D? If so, usually a D is counted as an F and you have to retake the course to count towards graduation so I would look into this.

For medical school, I retook courses at different institutions (mix of 4-year and community colleges) and was never questioned about it. If you have the OPTION, I would retake at the same place you took the first time so it doesn't raise any questions, but overall I think you should be fine as long as the course description is the same so you are sure it's the same course. What it boils down to is just showing the admin committee that you can handle the course since schools no longer participate in grade replacement.
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