Aug 1, 2019
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I came into college with AP credits for Physics, and I used them to place into advanced courses. I have taken:

Modern Physics and Thermodynamics (Physics Department)
Physical Chemistry (Chemistry Department)
Physical Organic Chemistry (Chemistry Department)
Physical Methods of Biochemistry (Biochemistry Department)

All of these classes required Electricity and Magnetism as a prereq. Currently, I've only used the AP credit to count for placement in case I needed to actually take the class for credit anyway.

My main concern is that, while these were all physics based classes, Modern Physics is the only one in the Physics department, so I'm worried the rest will get treated as Chemistry/Biochemistry courses for prereqs. In addition, I haven't taken labs for any of these courses (however I'm considering taking Modern Physics Lab with a friend this summer). Do y'all think this is enough to satisfy the Physics requirements for most Med Schools, or should I go ahead and just take something in the Physics Department? Also, if I do need to, does it have to be a retake of E&M or can I pick out something cool in the Physics department?


You're probably ok. The fact that you took any physics classes rather than just letting AP cover it is good.
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Apr 25, 2019
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Physical chemistry, to this day, is the hardest class I've ever taken, including medical school work. It may be worth sampling the opinion of your schools health profession office, just to hear it from them. But AP plus an advanced physics class means you're probably golden.

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Feb 5, 2020
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I was in your shoe! I had AP credits for PHYS 1 and 2. I took PHYS 3 (Modern Physics) and didn't have trouble receiving my MD admission. Just make sure your modern physics class has the physics class label.
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