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Do i stand a chance????????


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Feb 2, 2007
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I have graduated from business school (double major finance and accounting/150 credit hours of school with a 3.7 GPA) last june. I really became interested in dentistry about couple of years ago but didn't wanna change or switch majors but now i am enrolled in school as a biology major to finish my prereqs. I am taking Chem II, Phy II and biology this semester and I will take Organic Chem I, II and another Bio and Biochem in spring and summer and I'm ganna study for DAT on my own and take in mid summer and apply for dental school in like Aug. I'm starting to do lots of shadowing and other stuff as well. I really really want to do this regardless of the workload.
My question is that "if i even have chance" of getting into a school for fall 2008 or not? cause if i don't I would like to take my time and try to do more and do better for 2009.
I would really appreciate any respond/advice/opinion I could get from you.
that's alot to take...hope you're not in one of those colleges where the average is a C- and the average SAT score for getting in is >1400. If you're at a regular college...it's very doable. Yeah, work hard and you'll be fine!
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