DO Match Rate 2020

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OK guys, as promised, I will continue to make these threads at least through the merger, and maybe a bit more, but I may stop in a couple years given how much less analysis is needed with the ACGME and AACOM reports.

A few things:
-Here are the 2016-2019 threads for reference - DO match rate 2016, DO match rate 2017, DO match rate 2018, DO match rate 2019
-These numbers are all based on published reports. Reports sometimes have errors. Either way, hopefully this is useful.
-This says nothing about the type of GME attained. Some are only intern year positions and not full residencies. That said, with completion of only an intern year and the full COMLEX series, a DO graduate can attain a medical license to practice in more than 30 states. Please see the NRMP report for residency/specialty distributions.

The 2020 DO senior match rate (as in true match rate) for all DO seniors seeking GME is 91.7% (compared to between 88.4% and 91.6% for 2019). For reference, the US MD seniors 2020 match rate was 93.7% (compared to 93.9% in 2019).

There is no range this year, because for the first time ever, the NRMP has released DO senior data. This number was achieved by adding the number of NRMP DO senior matches (5968) to the military (283) and other match (44) numbers, to get a total number of 6295 DO seniors who matched. This was then divided by the number of DO graduates seeking GME (6864) to get the 91.7% of matched DO seniors.

The DO senior placement rate is as advertised by AACOM and @harrislakers123 (credit to him for his positive thread) as 99.29% (compared to 98.48% in 2019 and 98.16% in 2018). This means that 91.7% (6295) matched, 6.0% (412) attained positions through the SOAP, and 1.6% (108) scrambled. This also means that 49 current seniors (0.7%) that wanted GME failed to attain it (compared to 100 - 1.52% in 2019, 112 - 1.78% in 2018, and 39 - 0.7% in 2017). An additional 22 (compared to 54 in 2019 and 47 in 2017 and 2018) did not wish to attain GME this year. The MD senior placement rate is typically between 96-99%.

The combined 2020 DO senior and graduates NRMP match rate is the reported 86.9% (compared to 84.6% in 2019). For comparison, the combined US MD senior and graduate NRMP match rate was 90.2% (compared to 90.3% in 2019).

-DO NRMP match rate and placement rate experienced a clear bump this year compared to last year. This is despite the elimination of the AOA match, which means that the merger did not adversely affect the DO match rate or placement rate
-Less DOs this year went without a GME position than compared to last year (49 vs 100), but the last 2 years were much higher compared to 2017 (39). We are back in the realm of previous DO placement rates of >99%.
--I will reiterate this in this thread as well: You need to apply broadly in the NRMP match, because by default you are competing with far more people than in the past with the AOA match. I also recommend everyone to have a backup. DOs have clearly adjustred their application style with the NRMP match, and this will likely need to continue given the uncertainty of the future (P/F Step 1, virtual interviews, less aways, etc.). That likely does mean applying to more programs and going on more interviews. The days of applying and interviewing at 5-8 AOA programs are gone.
-The number of DO seniors not seeking GME this year is actually much less than it was in previous years (22 compared to 54 in 2019 and 47 in 2018. This is despite an increase in DO seniors by 250. As a result the percentage of DO seniors not seeking GME is down compared to previous years (0.8% in 2017, 0.7% in 2018, 0.8% in 2019, and 0.3% in 2020).
-Overall, congratulations to the class of 2020!

-AACOM placement report - https://www.aacom.org/docs/default-source/data-and-trends/2020_gme-match-report.pdf
-NRMP match report - https://mk0nrmp3oyqui6wqfm.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/MM_Results_and-Data_2020.pdf


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Match rate for DO seniors is off by 1%. It’s actually 90.7%.